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If you’re injured in a Baltimore car accident, you should contact a qualified & professional lawyer immediately. One should call as soon as possible.

The days immediately following a crash are often very important.  After a car accident, insurance companies size up claims in the first few days. What you do in those first few days can change the whole case.

For instance, in a wrongful death case, the insurance company will immediately dispatch a lawyer to protect their company’s interests and minimize their loss.  Accordingly, you should call our injury attorneys now to get us on your side.

The statute of limitations in Maryland for a negligence car accident case is three years.  That means, claims must be filed in court within three years of the accident.  Otherwise, the claim is barred.

Injured drivers, passengers and pedestrians have legal rights under our law. If certain legal criteria are met, they are entitled to financial compensation. I assist my clients achieve recovery.

The other driver may be responsible for the financial and physical harms you suffer from a car crash. Baltimore car accident lawyer Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. can and will help you succeed.

Attorney Benjamin Stirling offers convenient & free telephone and in-person consultations regarding your accident. The office is conveniently located in historic Bolton Hill. We have plenty of free parking. Get a team of accident lawyers on your case, working for you.

We file injury cases with insurance companies that do business in the State of Maryland.  Insurance companies in Maryland are regulated by the Maryland Insurance Administration.

An experienced and professional crash lawyer can achieve the financial results you deserve.  If the insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement offer, we will take them to court.

Call a Baltimore car accident lawyer and seek medical examination and treatment as soon as possible.

A medical referral may be made by Baltimore City attorney Benjamin Stirling. We work with many medical clinics familiar with treating car accident injuries. Head, neck and back injuries are common following the impact of a motor vehicle collision.

Other parts of the body commonly injured are knees, legs, elbows, hands and arms. These parts of the body often hit the interior of the vehicle at a high rate of speed. Injuries to the abdominal wall, chest and shoulders are also often seen following a motor vehicle accident.

In a car wreck, the body propels into a rigid seat-belt. This concentrates the forces of the impact into the parts in contact with the safety belt often causing substantial bruising.

Maryland law holds that you don’t have to wear a seatbelt to recover for your injuries.  This is true even if your injuries are made worse by not wearing a seatbelt.  However, please remember, seatbelts save lives and you should always wear one.

Before leaving the scene of a car accident, take down all the the information you can.

Always try to get everyone’s name, address, phone number and any witnesses’ information. Also, if the police arrive, make sure to let them know how you recall the car accident happening.

Occasionally the injured person taken away in an ambulance before speaking with the officer is deemed at fault because the police only talked to one driver.

Next, call a qualified and experienced Baltimore, Md. car accident lawyer serving the injured in your community. Call now, ask for a free consultation about your case.

The at-fault insurance company won’t pay you the compensation they owe you. Get a skilled accident lawyer on your case.

Their insurance company will hope you don’t do anything. They hope you don’t do anything about being hurt. Their customer injured you. They hope to never hear from you. They hope you don’t become my client. That’s pure profit for them if you never call. Make the call now for justice and a confidential legal evaluation.

Maryland requires most insurance policies to automatically carry uninsured motorist benefits.

If the at-fault driver did not have insurance, then Uninsured Motorist (“UM”) benefits apply. Injury compensation benefits are available and often quite substantial.

Call now for a free consultation with our injury lawyers.

The legal system is complicated.

Hire an effective, professional and experienced car accident lawyer. Assistance from a trusted advisor and legal advocate will maximize your due financial recovery following an auto accident.

Attorney Benjamin Stirling, Esq. is serving the injured, and offers free telephone and in-person consultations to prospective clients regarding your accident. An experienced auto crash lawyer can get you the financial results you deserve.

Our lawyers are capable and prepared in the courtroom. We will fight to get you as much as possible from the other party.

Lane change & sideswipe crashes
Head-on crashes
Rear-end crashes
T-Bone / Red light crashes
Stop sign car crashes
Pedestrians Hit by Cars
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Personal injury attorney Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. knows well the various tactics of the insurance companies and can leverage this information into maximizing your injury settlement.

Your Baltimore car accident lawyer will fight for your property damage, rental coverage, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.

Non-economic damages include pain, suffering, inconvenience, disfigurement, anxiety, and humiliation. These are the damages that you don’t get a bill for, but you’ve paid dearly with your loss of enjoyment of life.  You can receive the non-economic damages you’ve already incurred. You can also receive them for the future.  Our injury attorneys can help.

A passionate advocate for accident victims across the State of Maryland.

Benjamin Stirling, Esq. helps the injured recover maximum compensation following injuries they’ve sustained in motor vehicles or as a pedestrian.

Even if the at-fault driver did not have insurance, uninsured motorist protection is available. Such insurance coverage can cover your injuries after a crash. 

An effective accident lawyer can help you pursue your financial recovery.  Good accident attorneys are well-versed in the field of injury law.  A bona fide car accident lawyer will pursue all available avenues of recovery.  Being creative in pursuing your accident case can vastly increase your injury compensation for your auto accident.

You are entitled to receive benefits for:
    1. Medical Bills;
    2. Lost Wages;
    3. Property damage;
    4. Pain;
    5. Suffering;
    6. Inconvenience;
    7. Scarring and/or disfigurement;
    8. Loss of enjoyment of life;
    9. All other economic losses;
    10. Pre-impact fright; and
    11. General damages caused by a negligent driver.

The negligent driver’s insurance company will be accountable for his or her wrongful conduct.  Our injury attorneys can help and we provide free consultations for auto accidents.

No two car accidents are ever the same, just like no two people are ever the same. Call Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. now at (410) 929-9988 and get him on your injury case, fighting for you.

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If you've been injured in a motor vehicle crash, your legal rights are at stake. Call Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. to discuss your case at (410) 929-9988 and get the recovery you deserve for your injuries.

Rear-end car accident in Baltimore, Maryland
Our client received a policy limit settlement in this crash
Md. Pedestrians hit by motor vehicles (2018)*
Baltimore City Car Accidents Reported (2018)*
Maryland Car Accidents Causing Significant Injury (2018)*

*Statistics courtesy of Md. Dept. of Transportation annual report dated May 6, 2019.

We Take Them to Court

Any and all injuries sustained should always be reported to your doctor. Report your symptoms right away to best claim these injuries to the insurance company before trial or to a judge or jury in a lawsuit.

Just what the doctor ordered–medical treatment in a personal injury case.

Your medical records document the injuries you received.  These medical records form the foundation for your personal injury claim.  Whether its a motorcycle accident, a truck accident, or a brain injury from a car crash, your medical records are important.

The insurance companies hire lawyers to reduce your claim’s value as much as possible. The first thing they look at is your medical records. Always document any reasons why missed any scheduled injury treatment appointments. Your financial recovery may depend on it.

Baltimore, Maryland has one of the highest car accident rates in the country.

More and more drivers are getting behind the wheel without proper insurance as well.  The good news is if you paid your own car insurance bill you are probably alright. Maryland law requires uninsured motorist coverage on almost all car insurance policies.

If you’ve been in an accident, call Attorney Stirling, a Baltimore car accident lawyer at (410) 929-9988 to maximize your compensation and recovery following a car accident.


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Providing client referrals to physicians and other licensed medical providers for examination and treatment, if necessary, at accredited health facilities which are familiar with handling accidental injuries.

Some doctors don’t want to treat victims of motor vehicle accidents.

Some doctors do not want to have to give their opinion on what caused the injuries, or go to court. Luckily, many doctors specialize in handling motor vehicle injuries. We can and will refer you for medical treatment if you need it.

No health insurance?

We work with many different providers across the region. These doctors treat traumatic brain injuries as well as other serious injuries.  Our trial lawyers will begin working on the case with an initial consultation.

Many medical providers we work with will hold our client’s bills for payment at settlement time.

This means you will not have to pay out of pocket for any medical treatment. You will simply pay for them out of your personal injury car accident case.

Personal injury protection (PIP) medical benefits are available to most individuals.

PIP is a great benefit for those injured in a car crash.  PIP pays for medical expenses and lost wages up to the limit of the policy.  This is known as no fault insurance. The minimum policy in Maryland is $2500.00. You can qualify for PIP by not waiving the coverage on your policy.

If you were hurt as a passenger, the rules for qualifying for PIP are complicated.  Your own insurance policies, and those of your family members will affect your right to receive PIP benefits.

We are happy to assist with PIP benefits. Call now to discuss your claim.


Understanding the nature and tactics of the opponent allows strategic decisions to be made.  Our personal injury law firm can assist with your accident claim.  We will get you all the compensation you may be entitled to.

Insurance adjusters come up with an estimate of what they think your case is worth. Then they try to pay you much lower than that to give up your claim.  We will make sure you get fair compensation for serious injuries.

Luckily, we have the right to file a lawsuit in our courts to fight for your rights before a judge and/or a jury.

Most cases settle prior to trial, and many settle for a fair value without even having to get into the judicial system.

Still, some insurers may refuse to offer you a fair amount to compensate you for your injuries, or will deny that their insured did anything wrong.

The judicial system allows the finder of fact to determine what you’re due for compensation for your injuries under the law.  The finder of fact could be a jury of your peers or a judge.

In this case, a lawsuit will be necessary in order to get justice for your car crash injury.

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Sometimes, insurance companies do not want to settle your claim.  Sometimes they make a very low offer to settle the case.

We file lawsuits if the insurance company does not make an satisfactory offer to settle your case.

A lawsuit starts with a Complaint.  A personal injury Complaint is a legal document that says the Defendant legally owes you money for hurting you.  We write the Complaint, sign it, and file it with the court.  Then, the court issues a summons to serve on the Defendant.  We hire process servers to locate and serve the Defendant with the Complaint and Summons quickly.

Sometimes the insurance company attempts to settle at this point.  If not, the Defendant then has a lawyer enter his or her appearance in the case.  Defendants usually receive a free lawyer from their insurance company.

Next, the discovery process begins to take form.  Written discovery commences with Interrogatories, Requests for Admissions, Requests for Production of Documents.  After that, lawyers take depositions of the Plaintiff, Defendant and any important witnesses to the case. Discovery is the process of discovering the truth.

This may prompt settlement, and if not, a trial before a judge or jury will take place. The verdict against the Defendant will almost always be paid by the insurance company that wouldn’t settle the case.   Call for a free consultation with Baltimore Auto Accident Lawyer Benjamin Stirling, Esq. and get what you deserve.

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Your Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer -- Always Ready to Assist

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If you were hurt in a car accident or motor vehicle crash, your rights may be in jeopardy.

The insurance company is typically looking out for their own interest, not yours.

A Baltimore car accident on your side against the multi-billion dollar insurance companies and their armies of lawyers.

Your injury is a potential claim to the insurance company. You are their “exposure.”  To them you’re just a number. A number they want to keep as low as possible.  On the contrary, our injury attorneys will work to make your number as high as possible.

For best service, contact us immediately at (410) 929-9988 to discuss your legal rights and obligations after a car crash.

Do not let the clock run out on justice.


You have the right to be free from injuries to your body caused by another person or organization.

They may not have intended to injure you.  It might have been “just an accident.”

But–often times there are and were reasonable steps they could have taken to avoid hurting you. They may have committed negligencemaking them legally responsible to compensate you for your injuries.

Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. will assist you with a personal injury claim for your car accident.

We endeavor to recover compensation for you if you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another person.

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Remember, if you’re hurt, always call an injury lawyer soon after a car wreck.  We always provide a free initial consultation regarding your case.  We only receive our fee when we hand you a check.

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Were you driving for your job or employer when injured in a car crash?

We file for worker’s compensation benefits and file a claim against the driver who caused the crash.

A “Worker’s Compensation and Third-Party Claim” is when you were working at the time of a car crash. We handle them regularly from your worker’s compensation case to your final settlement or judgment in court.

The other party is responsible for the accident claim, and the fact you had a worker’s compensation claim.  Subrogation is involved and the insurance companies are playing hardball for wrecks on the job.  Many serious injuries occur in car accidents on the job.  These complex personal injury cases are well-handled by our firm’s car accident lawyers.

Our attorneys are very familiar with these claims.  We know how to assist our clients maximize their financial recovery.

Attorneys are standing by and happy to take your call.

We're only paid when you win--Contingency Fee Representation

How does Attorney Stirling charge to represent you in a car crash?

Does it cost anything to hire Benjamin Stirling as my attorney for a car accident or injury case?

Your personal injury fee is on a contingency basis.  We only charge our fee at the time you are receiving money.  Our fee is 1/3 of the settlement or judgment. We only receive a fee when we put money in your hand.  If we don’t win, you don’t owe us anything for our legal services. Period.

We make more when we get more for you.  Make the risk free call to Maryland’s Accident Attorney Benjamin Stirling, Esq. anytime at (410) 929-9988 to get the ball rolling on your claim.

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Let Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer Benjamin Stirling, Esq. take the lead on your car accident injury claim.

It’s never too early to call a lawyer after an accident.

Being in an accident is never fun. Aside from whatever injuries you may have suffered, spending hours on hold with insurance companies adds insult to injury.

When they don’t return your calls you may experience stress on top of whatever pain and suffering you may be going through on account of the physical car accident injuries.

Hiring representation immediately will alleviate your burden of having to deal with the insurance company on your own.

Maryland Auto Accident Lawyer Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. is a strong advocate for the injured. Contact Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. to talk about the case and lawyer up. The insurance company has lawyers, why shouldn’t you?

Red first responder heading to the scene of a car crash
First Responder Heading to the Scene of a Car Crash to Help the Injured

Protect your claim and your health: Follow your doctor’s orders.

Doctors often prescribe injured people physical therapy after an accident.  Physical therapy treats the injuries sustained in car accidents.  Various medical rehabilitation services can assist your body recover following an accident.

One should always make sure your course of treatment is regular and consistent. Try to adhere to the prescription by your medical provider. Insurance adjusters and attorneys will regularly point out any gaps in your treatment history.

Always document any reasons why you may have missed any scheduled injury treatment appointments.  This is important in the event that you would need to explain such absences. Therefore, we prepare our cases which helps our clients achieve excellent outcomes.

If you’ve sustained bodily injuries in a car wreck, call attorney Stirling, a Baltimore car accident lawyer at (410) 929-9988. We will maximize your compensation and recovery following a motor vehicle crash.

ATTENTION: if you are in the midst of a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately and/or go straight to the nearest emergency room.

Medical personnel must be identify and document your injuries properly.  If the medical records are not sufficient, your claim will suffer, even though you suffered the injury.  For this reason, you should contact a qualified accident attorney now.


The information this page is general information.  If you have legal questions please contact a lawyer to discuss. Reading this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between us. However, we’d like for you to call us to discuss whether we may establish such a relationship and represent you in your case.

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