Jury awards $545,000 to injured couple following accident

A Missouri jury had the opportunity to award $545,000 to a husband and wife who each suffered serious injuries after being rear-ended by a truck at a high rate of speed. Compensation was not just for the physical injuries which they suffered, but also for the emotional trauma that these individuals went through following the accident. Sadly, this jury verdict occurred approximately 7 years after the accident. Unfortunately, the Maryland Law currently does not recognize pre-judgment interest as an available damage in personal injury claims, which is to the benefit of insurance companies, who enjoy the luxury of not having to pay out claims for years and years, while their funds continue to earn interest, and precluding the claimant or plaintiff from earning interest on such funds.

In this case the Plaintiffs were also awarded damages for emotional trauma following the accident. Such emotional trauma and mental anguish is however a recognized legal remedy following personal injury cases in Maryland. An experienced and competent car accident lawyer can properly claim such damages following a car accident. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call Baltimore car accident lawyer Benjamin Stirling, Esq. at (410) 929-9988 immediately so as to protect your rights and personal injury claims following such a car accident, truck accident, bus accident, or other personal injury event.

SOURCE CREDIT: Columbia Missourian

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