Baltimore Slip and Fall Lawyer and Premises Liability Attorney

A Baltimore Slip and Fall lawyer serving those injured due to unsafe premises, Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. can assist and will seek the maximum legal compensation for such injuries.  If you’ve been injured due to an unsafe condition that should have been taken care of by the business but wasn’t, call me immediately at (410) 929-9988.

If you’ve been injured on the premises of a business, do the following to preserve your rights to compensation for your injuries:

  1. Request medical attention immediately for any substantial bodily injuries incurred on the premises.
  2. Take photos of the dangerous condition immediately before it is altered, cleaned up, or otherwise disappears.
  3. Report the injury to staff and management, and retain the names and contact information of the manager and any staff that you reported the injury to or interacted with.  Ask the manager who you should contact to follow up with about any medical bills or damages you may incur.
  4. Collect the names, addresses, phone numbers and other contact information of any other customers or bystanders who witnessed your injury or the unsafe condition that caused your injury.
  5. Call a well-versed personal injury lawyer who has successfully handled many slip & fall and premises liability injury claims, such as Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq. to discuss your rights.

Misled, misrepresented or defrauded? Call Benjamin D. Stirling, Esq., a Baltimore worker compensation lawyer at (410) 929-9988