Woman receives $2.5M settlement from power company following car accident

A woman was severely injured in an accident when a vehicle owned by a Texas utility company failed to yield the right of way to the injured woman. In the accident, she suffered a dislocated and broken hip, as well as ankle injuries. Doctors eventually needed to perform three separate surgeries to treat her various ailments. Her skilled car accident lawyers were able to effectively negotiate and procure this sizeable settlement amount.

It is noteworthy that driver of the utility truck owned by the power company suffered no serious injuries, which goes to show that one individual can be seriously injured in a car accident, while a person in another impacted vehicle can walk away unscathed.

There are always many factors at play which determine the extent of injuries following a car accident. The weight, speed, direction, and trajectory of the vehicles plays one important role. Another is the injured person’s age, weight, and of course, whether they have any pre-existing medical conditions. Maryland law requires that any aggravation to pre-existing conditions be fully compensated by the at-fault driver, even if a normal and healthy person would not have suffered an injury.

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source: Waco Tribune

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